Local businesses

All the service, none of the emissions

We have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we do, are reliable, offer unrivalled customer service, act as ambassadors for your business, and do all this whilst also reducing emissions and congestion.

Our staff live here so care more and know the area better than larger delivery businesses. Our routes are dynamic and defined daily in line with demand, unencumbered by traffic restrictions and making best use of the extensive cycling infrastructure to avoid congestion to effect deliveries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What can we do for you

VennerPick up at your (or any other) location for effective and environmentally friendly delivery to East and central London. We can do both single drops or multi drops. This also can be done the other way around, we pick up and deliver to you.

You can deliver (or we can pick up) in bulk to our depot in Walthamstow or Central London and we do the last mile delivery to your destination/customer.

We can also store goods in our depots and distribute when required.

Benefits for you when using us:

  • We act as an extension of your brand – our couriers are a cut above the norm and will leave your customers feeling special (see our ethos)
  • Fewer cars on the road – your deliveries are not adding to congested road networks, which is a tangible demonstration of your ethical business values.
  • We have much local knowledge and our team go the extra mile, helping ensure we deliver efficiently and more reliably to your customers.
  • With hubs in east & central London (and more planned) we can also enable you to build your business across the capital. We also offer last mile solutions.

Ask us for a quote.