Our fleet

Horses for courses – Bikes

Cargo bikes can carry considerably more than most people realise, and can often replace a car or van journey.

All of our cargo bike fleet is fitted with closed cargo boxes, meaning we can ensure your deliveries remain secure, clean, and dry during their journey.

Cargo bikes are designed for lighter loads and urgent deliveries as they don’t get stuck in traffic. If you have any enquiries about our loading capacity or a larger item you want to transport, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Trikes – Urban Delivery Heros

Trike complete

Our bespoke fleet of cargo trikes are capable of carrying up to 250kg (1.5 cubic metres by volume), making them perfect for consolidating large numbers of deliveries.

Yet they are compact enough for use on dedicated cycle infrastructure (such as cycle tracks, and through road closure gaps) and can be wheeled in pedestrian zones.

So our deliveries can efficiently navigate through gridlocked areas without adding to congestion, and will get there quicker as they are not limited by motor traffic restrictions.