Reliable, friendly, local, smart, fair & green

We want to help create less congested, less polluted and more liveable cities.

ZED Waltham Forest uses cargo bikes and trikes to achieve a fast, efficient and low impact delivery solution for businesses.  courier with bike

Our couriers are expected to obey the Highway Code, and behave courteously in traffic at all times.

Quite uniquely in the sector, we are not part of the gig economy. Our staff are employed and paid the Real Living Wage* and live locally, meaning they feel valued, connected & motivated, and this enables them to offer truly great customer service.

Waltham Forest is a great place to live and work – a truly unique borough which welcomes a wide range of thriving businesses, supports many vibrant communities, and is streets ahead in tackling the many issues facing dense urban areas. 

ZED is committed to supporting local communities and helping them thrive in Waltham Forest. We offer a limited amount of free delivery every month to local groups and charities. Get in touch if there is something we can do to support your community.


What do we mean by Zero Emission Delivery?

All of our fleet has zero tailpipe emissions – we have no petrol or diesel powered vehicles. But we do generate (as any vehicle) particulates from our e-bikes and e-van brakes.  Our preference is to deliver using pedal power via our e-assist bikes wherever possible as these vehicles are lighter and produce far fewer particulates.


“To give real service you must add something 
which cannot be bought or measured with money, 
and that is sincerity and integrity.” 
Douglas Adams, author

*We are very proud to support and be a part of the Living Wage Foundation. The real Living Wage is based on the cost of living and is voluntarily paid by over 4,000 UK employers who believe a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.